Bianca Nijbroek

Reflexzone Therapeut | Reflex zone Therapist

Foot Reflex+ is a combination of Western and Chinese foot massage and ear reflex zone therapy (auriculo). This offers unprecedented possibilities and accelerates and strengthens the effects of a treatment. It is applicable for many purposes. Both as prevention, as support after illness, as after surgery, for both acute and chronic complaints, for children and adults. It is reliable and safe without side effects. It strengthens the self-healing capacity of the human body, thereby improving health.


Foot reflexology massage is aimed at boosting the self-healing capacity of the body. Your feet contain thousands of nerve endings (reflex zones) that are linked with your entire body. If you treat one of the reflex zones on the foot with your thumb and fingers, your brain receives a signal and passes it on to the corresponding organ which is then stimulated. Ear acupuncture is a Chinese medicine, auriculo therapy is the most adapted to Western medicine. By stimulating certain reflex zones on the ear, influence can be exerted on the entire body.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses the meridian system. This is a kind of network of energy and conductive pathways that runs throughout your body. The life force, the "Qi", flows in the meridians and these are connected to organs and organ systems. These meridians can be influenced by acupuncture, acupressure, and massage.