Bianca Nijbroek

Reflexzone Therapeut | Reflex zone Therapist

My fascination about reflex zone therapy started about thirty years ago, at a time when I had lost the balance in my life for a while. Through mutual friends, I ended up at a foot reflexologist. After the first treatment I went home feeling happy and with more space in my head. What a miracle! After all those dark days the sun was shining again. With all the ups and downs that go with that process, within four months with regular treatments, she managed to get me back on my feet again. Partly because of this, the desire to study to become a foot reflexologist arose, so that I could support people at the time that body and / or mind are out of balance. That's why in 2012 I started a 3-year HBO study to become a foot reflexologist-plus at Total Health in Amsterdam. During this period, I taught myself different forms of foot reflexology. I did practical training at the oncology department in the Spaarne Gasthuis in Hoofddorp, at an elementary school in Zwolle and at a residential group for mentally handicapped people in Hardenberg. I never expected to learn so much about this form of therapy and its wide variety of possibilities. To increase my insights into the human body even further, I followed a 1-year course of HBO medical basics at Total Health in Hoofddorp. I also followed a multi-day course in ear reflex zone therapy (auriculo). Today I have my own practice at home in Haarlem.